Friday, September 24

Beer Me {Etsy Treasury}

The weekend has officially arrived here at harlow ~ monroe headquarters. Happy hour inspired our new Etsy treasury, Beer Me! Cheers! And have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Tuesday, September 21

Elegantly Haunted {Etsy Treasury}

Our latest Etsy treasury, Elegantly Haunted, is inspired by Halloween & the haunted house. We hope you enjoy this collection!

Autumnal Beauty {Etsy Treasury}

Fall is in the air in our new Etsy treasury, Autumnal Beauty. We love the deep, rich earth tones that accompany this beautiful season. Please take a minute to visit each lovely shop featured!

Thursday, September 2

Berrylicious {Etsy Treasury}

Have a peek at our new Etsy treasury, Berrylicious. Berry is one of our favorites colors for Fall! So many lovely ways to wear this hue or add it as a little accent to your home. Please leave a comment if you like!