Thursday, October 15

harlow hearts. plum pretty sugar loungerie.

In this edition of harlow hearts, we are shopping at the lovely Plum Pretty Sugar loungerie on Etsy. Plum Pretty Sugar has a gorgeous selection of loungewear, bedding and accessories in beautiful, ethereal prints. Each swoon-worthy piece has an airy, feminine silhouette, and all are effortlessly cozy & chic. This collection makes us dream of being at a quaint cottage, enjoying a delightful breakfast, reading a good book or simply daydreaming, while overlooking the ocean. A few of our hearted favorites include (pictured above):

Kimono Style Robe. Habutai Silk. Sizes Small - Large. $124.
Lounge Short. Pink Love Poppy. Sizes Medium - Large. $28.
Fitted Caftan. Indian Pink and Yonderflies. Sizes Small - Large. $55. 
Cami Dress. Ankle Length. Coco Girl Good. Size Small. $52.
Tank. Indian Pink and Yonderflies. Size Small. $40
Lounge Cardigan. Beckoning Creatures. Sizes Small - Large. $56.
Duvet Cover. Pink Love Poppy. Size Full / Queen. $100.

You can find Plum Pretty Sugar loungerie online at: 

Happy Shopping at Plum Pretty Sugar loungerie!

(All images courtesy of Plum Pretty Sugar.)

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