Thursday, December 10

harlow style. the vintage inspired jewelry box.


The vintage inspired jewelry box. What little delights would you fill yours with? Take a peek at our favorites:

1.) Gleaming Greenhouse Jewelry Box, $38 by

2.) Recycled Jewelry Last Dance Necklace, $66 by
Alex Keller.

3.) Vintage Inspired All Night Long Earrings, $24 by
ten things.

4.) Vintage Czech Art Deco Necklace, $75 by


  1. Gorgeous. . . I'm loving that jewelry box. Lately, my jewelry ends up on little vintage plates I have scattered around my room. :D

  2. oooo - i love that jewelry box, too! thanks so much for picking one of my necklaces:) and i love tenthings! i so want a pair of earrings from her shop...

  3. I love little jewelry boxes...pretty obvious I would! That little Czech necklace would look lovely in that one for sure!

  4. What a sweet little box! :D I wish I could go on an Etsy shopping spree and fill it with everything from this shop:
    All of their pendants are so pretty! I'm obsessed!