Monday, January 4

a little inspiration for 2010.

image by skblanks on

pink. frilly. girlie. ruffles. lace. delicious scents.

image by 

glamorous. luxe. spaces. soft. chic. crystal. white.

bold patterns. prints. fabrics. birds. flowers. feathers. royalty. monograms.

image by in Bali.

tropical places. lush. turquoise. green. ocean. exotic. wood.

image by American Vintage Home on

mid century. beach. house. getaway. fresh. cozy. simple. 

These are the inspirations for harlow home style this year. What inspires you & your home design choices for 2010?



  1. Very nice--I especially love that last photo, though I am not a beach person. My inspiration? Mid century modern meets Twin Peaks. :D

  2. This is the most beautiful blog post ever!

    I love it!

    The lush lamp shades might be my favorite! I want to go there.

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!

    Happy New Year my sweet friend!


  3. ooooo! ahhhhh! i like the blue interior and the pool. what does that say about me?