Thursday, February 11

crushing on lonny magazine.

If you are still grieving over the end of Domino magazine, like we are, Lonny magazine is the PERFECT way to fill the Domino void! Let us give you a few reasons why you need to start reading this magazine immediately. First of all, Lonny is FREE! Yes, you read that right, FREE! It is an online magazine, so you just hop on the internet & read away. There is an option to print out the magazine, which you'll probably want to print a page or two with your favorite ideas for quick reference. The pages are overflowing with decorating inspiration, DIY ideas, just plain pretty things, PLUS links to many of the items online {so you can shop the look right from the magazine page}! How fabulous is that?! Below, we included a few of our favorite ideas & a little inspiration from the current issue:

We hope you enjoy reading Lonny as much as we do. We can't wait to hear what your favorite ideas & inspirations are from this issue!

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  1. Thanks Stephanie, Isn't this a great magazine? I was a huge Domino fan, too! Still have all the old mags and still pull them out on a regular basis and look through them and find new things. I haven't seen this issue of Lonny yet, so I'lll be sure to go take a look. As green as I try to be, I still think there's nothing better than sitting with a hot drink and a magazine, uninterrupted for a bit, flipping through a glossy.

    Having said that, after the kids head off to school, I'll look forward to my green tea and 'clicking' through Lonny this morning.

    Happy Friday!